Emberstrip     8AV+ with Bluetooth Sensor

Emberstrip 8AV+ with Bluetooth Sensor

Emberstrip     8AV+ with Bluetooth Sensor
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The Embertec Emberstrip 8AV+ is a Tier 2 APS energy saving device suitable for all audio visual devices; saving energy and money for your equipment when they are not being used.The Bluetooth Smart Sensor receives signals from any of your remote controls and recognizes when you are interacting with your Audio Visual components.The Bluetooth Sensor is also used to set the time period for your Active Powerdown feature.

Now, you can control your Bluetooth Smart Sensor by downloading the EmberConnect app to your compatible Android or iOS device.

Performance and Safety

Surge Compliance UL 1449
Total Surge 1,530 Joules/ 39,000 Amps
Input Current
Over-Current Threshold 15 Amps RMS
Operating Voltage
110 V AC +/- 10%

Physical Attributes

Power Cord Length 4 ft
# of Power Saver Outlets 6
# of Always-on Outlets 2
Total Outlets 8
Dimensions N/A

Model Details

Manufacturer Model
Life Span
>20 years
APS Category Tier 2

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